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Drink in the Box – Refillable Drink Box

Drink in the Box – Refillable Drink Box

Product Review

One of my sons is a very particular eater and one of the things he does like is fruit and vegetable juice.  We were going through a lot of juice boxes and I really wanted to cut down on waste. I also wanted to water down his juice with ice cubes to reduce the amount of sugar in his drinks.

So I searched online for refillable juice boxes. Despite there being many drink bottles available, there are very few that are square like a juice box. Then I came across Drink in the Box. Exactly what I was looking for!

According to the website the containers are leak proof when closed. Apparently the designers spent over three years testing and prototyping it. The containers are made from BPA-free material called Tritan. The seals are made from medical-grade silicone seals and create air-tight lids. So far we haven’t had any leaks.

You can put the containers in the dishwasher and the manufacturer states it will get through over 1500 cycles – wow! I do prefer to wash all our drinking containers by hand. For me it’s a lot easier and it means that they are always clean and ready to go.

The juice boxes are made from a really durable and tough plastic so they are perfect for travelling.Of course I had to get one for each of my boys so I chose the blue and the green. They come in pink and orange as well. Each box holds 235ml (8oz) of liquid. Two drink boxes fit well into our insulated lunch bag alongside a rectangular lunchbox and a couple of small ice bricks.

I have found that since the juice that my boys drink is orange (it has sweet potato and carrot), the soft straws stained very easily, but that has been the only negative and doesn’t really matter. You can also get replacement parts for the boxes.

The other thing I noticed was that because the seal becomes water tight, when you push down the upper part of the box into the lower container, the air pushes some liquid out of the straw. That means it will squirt out if you don’t do it slowly. This is important if you take filled drink boxes on a flight. I have had water come shooting out of drink bottle straws when I opened them mid flight because of the changes in air pressure. You don’t want to have sticky juice all over you!

The Drink in the Box refillable juice boxes have been a hit with my sons and they will happily drink their iced juices out and about. I would definitely recommend these to other parents.

Drink in the Box refillable drink boxes
Source: drinkinthebox.com



DISCLAIMER: This review is based on my own thoughts about the product and I bought both refillable juice boxes through Trendy Lil Treats ($16RRP)



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