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ASOBono – Tokyo’s Largest Indoor Play Centre

ASOBono – Tokyo’s Largest Indoor Play Centre

My kids love play centres, so if your kids are the same I would highly recommend taking them to ASOBono. This incredible indoor play centre is one of the largest in Tokyo.

Source: Tokyo Dome City

How to get there

The easiest way is to take the subway to one of the five stations surrounding Tokyo Dome City.  The major attraction in the area is, as the name suggests, Tokyo Dome.  Japan’s first domed stadium opened on March 17, 1988. The Dome is home to baseball team the Yomiuri Giants.

Once you get out of the station, just follow the maps and signs to get to ASObono.

Operating Hours and Ticket Information

We went on a weekday, which meant there were only pre-schoolers at the play centre. The centre is open from 10am-6pm on weekdays and from 9:30am-7pm on weekends and holidays.

There are a couple of different entry options. You can choose to have a 60 minute pass (930 Yen) and each subsequent half hour costs 410 Yen. This is a good option if you’re just looking for a quick activity. Day passes are 1550 Yen (weekdays only) and adults need to pay 930 Yen each regardless of whether you stay one hour or one day.

We decided to go with a day pass and we are so glad we did. You can easily spend a few hours here. Also, next door to the play centre there is a huge food court, with a great selection of Japanese takeaway food.  With a day pass you can go out of the centre, grab a bite to eat and then head back in for another play.

Inside the play centre

As with nearly all places in Japan, you have  to take off your shoes and socks pop them on a shelf while you are inside. There are also coin lockers available if you want to store your bags, but these fill up really quickly.

The main play area

The play centre is divided into five themed areas. There are lots of staff members supervising each area and made sure that the kids were all playing safely, especially on the equipment.

When you first come down the ramp you see the main area. There is an enormous ball pit that engulfs the floor under slides and climbing equipment.

The boys loved jumping in the giant inflatable jumping ring.

Another section of ASOBono is dedicated to trains. Kids can put together train tracks and run motorised trains along them. There were shinkansen (bullet trains) and even Thomas the Tank Engine trains.

Choo choo!

There was also a smaller area for where kids could play with plastic building blocks. This only held my son’s attention for a short while. He prefers more physical activities like jumping!

Building a tower

As you move through the play centre, every nook and cranny is filled with activities for boys and girls.

My boys had an absolute ball at ASOBono play centre. I think we spent about four hours there in total on either side of a lunch break. It is definitely a fantastic outing if you have young kids.

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