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Favourite Five – Shanghai, China

Favourite Five – Shanghai, China

Thank you to my good friend for sharing her personal favourite 5 in Shanghai, China! 

I have lived in Shanghai for nearly 2 years and have three boys aged 10, 7 and 5. This city is huge and the population for just Shanghai is the population of the whole of Australia which still spins me out. This place is always buzzing and it can be frustrating at the same time. Once you learn to embrace the Chinese and their culture you will love this city. It has lots of little hidden adventures which I only found out about through other expats and word of mouth but it is still China so you never know when things are closed or what is going to happen, as they have strange rules and laws!

Here are my favourite 5 things to do with the boys

1 Fuxing Park

Fuxing Park is located in the Former French Concession of Shanghai. People, both young and old, enjoy this beautiful park and it really gives you a feel for what real Chinese culture is like. You need to go early in the morning, no later than 8.30am to see all the elderly citizens doing their morning exercise and activities that is a ritual for them. I have seen people belting out Chinese opera, slapping trees, doing Tai-Chi, men wearing Mao-suits taking their caged birds for a walk, people playing chess or even walking backwards, just because they can. Its my favourite place to take visitors.

2 Natural History Museum

This was one of the first places I went to when I moved to Shanghai.  The pollution is so bad (especially in winter) and I needed to find some great inside activities. I was pleasantly surprised! This huge museum has so many animals and a massive dinosaur display (which my 4 year old at the time loved). It looks back over the course of evolution in the natural world.

3 Shanghai Wild Animal Park

This place is a great day out for the whole family and is especially popular during school holidays. I recommend you take your own food as it only has Chinese food and it is quite expensive. This park has over 200 kind of animals and even a safari bus ride to get up close and personal to the more scary ones!

4 Din Tai Fung (Xiaolongbao)

Eating dumplings may not sound like an activity for kids, but it is in my house! The kids get just as excited as going to eat these little balls of heaven as they do in a theme park. These delicate dumpling skins are wrapped around a juicy pork filling and filled with a tasty broth. They explode in your mouth and tastes delish! My kids will easily devour 30 of these over lunch! I must say it is quite embarrassing watching them eat the first basket that comes out as they fight over how many they can get with their chopsticks!

5 Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower

The Shanghai Tower looms over the city from a  height of 468 metres high and gives you a bird’s eye view of Shanghai. It’s best to go on a clear day with no pollution otherwise you won’t see a thing. The Tower faces “The Bund” right across the the Huangpu River. It has three main sightseeing floors where you can see the city at different heights. One even has a transparent glass bottom. There is an arcade game centre and thrill-seekers can also ride the space-themed roller coaster.

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