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Motion Sickness Bags from Fully Sic Bags

Motion Sickness Bags from Fully Sic Bags

Do you or your kids suffer from motion sickness? My boys don’t get travel sick, but my eldest son does have a really strong gag reflex. This means that if he starts coughing after eating or drinking he inevitably ends up vomiting. When we fly we always have the motion sickness bags that the airlines give us close at hand. But I had never thought about what we would do if one of the boys got sick in the car or on a bus or train trip. I guess we would have be caught out! But not anymore!

When Fully Sic Bags got in contact with me to let me know that they sold inexpensive, disposable motion sickness bags, I thought that it was a great idea.


Fully Sic motion sickness bags
Fully Sic motion sickness bags

The design

My immediate through was that the disposable motion sickness bags were a lot sturdier than I had imagined from the photos. The bags are made out of strong plastic. They are stiff enough to easily hold open but also flexible enough to be folded up and stored. You can pop a couple in a bag pocket, glove compartment, first aid kit or wallet.

The bags seal with a zip-lock closure which means that the contents are safely locked away until you can dispose of it appropriately and any smells cannot escape.

There are three designs specific to travel sickness, three for morning sickness (how brilliant is that? I was so sick when pregnant with my boys) and three non-specific designs. The patterns are printed on both sides of the bag to hide what’s inside.  The vomit bags hold a huge 1.2l of liquid and measure 160mm X 265mm.

Oh, and they not only useful for motion sickness. You can also use them for non-vomit-related things like holding toiletries, snacks and other food, dirty nappies or use it as a bin bag for the car.

Where to buy a Fully Sic motion sickness bag

You can purchase them through the Fully Sic Etsy site. Use the code FEELBETTER and get 10% off your purchase!

Find out more and follow them on Facebook or Instagram


Disclaimer: I received the bags free of charge for this review but all opinions are my own.



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