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Favourite Five – London, England

Favourite Five – London, England

Thank you to my school friend who wrote this for The Junior Jet Set!

When I moved to London  everyone said that we would need move back to Australia to have kids.  As I have got to know London I can’t imagine a city more exciting, cosmopolitan and vibrant. To me it’s the perfect place to raise children and give them a host of experiences they wont get in any other city.

I live in south-west London and I have two boys – a five-year-old and a nearly two-year old. These are my favourite five activities to do with my sons. 

1 Taking the Tube

My kids love taking the Tube (subway). If you have young kids and need to take a buggy (pram) make sure you follow the disabled/wheel chair sign on the tube station map. This will ensure you have step-free access into the train.

The London buses are also a great way to get around. They are much cheaper than the Tube and you get to see the city.  

Just a tip – they don’t let more than two buggies on a bus at one time because of congestion.  This means that if there is a wheel chair user that needs to board, you will need to get off or collapse the buggy.   

If you want another alternative to get around the city, the famous London black cabs are big enough that you can roll your bugging right in. This is particularly useful if you have finally got your little one to sleep!

2 London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum in Covent Garden is a gem for kids and some history. I use it as bait to then sneak in a few shops in Covent Garden afterwards!

V&A museum

 If you want to experience a little culture, the Museum of the Decorative Arts is wonderful. Go to the information desk and ask for a kids’ pack. These packs contain an activity trail that the kids can do while you walk through the museum.

4 Eating out

The best kid-friendly places to eat tend to be chain restaurants. We like Carluccio’s for Italian food and  Wagamama for Asian cuisine. 

5 Alice Holt Forest

This destination is perfect for Gruffalo fans. The Alice Holt Forest is just outside of London and there you can go on a Gruffalo inspired trail.  

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