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Daily Chico – the Best Soft-Serve Ice Cream in Tokyo

Daily Chico – the Best Soft-Serve Ice Cream in Tokyo

Daily Chico

Daily Chico has got to be the best soft-serve ice cream experience in Tokyo!

I am a big fan of Adam Liaw, cook, writer and television presenter and winner of MasterChef Australia Season 2. He lived in Japan and is married to a Japanese woman, so he often heads back to Japan for some glorious cooking and eating! Last year, one of his Instagram posts immediately caught my eye:

via Instagram @adamliaw

I couldn’t believe the size of this soft serve. I immediately screen shotted it and furiously started investigating how we would get our hands on our own Daily Chico soft serve!

Where is Daily Chico located?

Daily Chico is hidden away in the basement level of Nakano Broadway, a nondescript shopping arcade dedicated to anime, tech and gaming. Nakano Broadway is about a 5-10 minute walk from Nakano Station.


All the Different Flavours of Soft Serve

The flavours do not always stay the same, so on the day we went, we could choose from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cafe au lait, sesame, banana, matcha and ramune soda. The prices are incredibly cheap – 8-flavour cone costs a mere 49o Yen (AUD$5.90/US$4.40).

All the flavours


The 8-flavour Daily Chico cone
The 8-flavour Daily Chico cone

We were so tempted to get the full 8-flavour combo, but considering it was the middle of winter and we had just eaten a big meal, we decided to choose four flavours – chocolate, vanilla, banana and cafe au lait. This was big enough for the four of us to share. The boys loved digging their spoons in! Japanese ice cream tends to be a lot less sweet than what we have in Australia, so it’s great for the kids.

4-flavour Daily Chico soft serve cone
Four flavours is pretty big for a 2.5 year old!
4-flavour Daily Chico soft serve cone
The boys couldn’t wait to tuck in!

How to eat it

Bear in mind that there is only a small bench seat near Daily Chico. We were lucky to be able to grab a seat which made it a lot easier to juggle four people eating one cone that was rapidly melting!
4-flavour Daily Chico soft serve cone

Have you been to Daily Chico? Which flavours did you try? Next trip we will definitely go for eight!

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