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Tips for Travelling to Beirut, Lebanon with Kids

Tips for Travelling to Beirut, Lebanon with Kids

Thank you to Dora for sharing this fantastic information about travelling to Beirut with kids!

My Advice for Families Travelling to Beirut with Kids

We are just heading back to the UK from our 4-week family holiday in Beirut, Lebanon. I wanted to share a few things with you if you ever travel out this way.

First of all, Lebanon is such an amazing country, I have been coming here for years and have never had a problem. However I realised that coming here with a baby means that you need to be extra cautious and aware.

1. Summer is Reaaaaaaaaaalllly Hot and Humid 

Honestly, it is pretty rough. The beaches are expensive and not always so clean so you are better of staying in a hotel where there air conditioning system and a good swimming pool.

We stayed with family (which mean no good air conditioning and no swimming pool) and breastfeeding became a nightmare as my 5-month-old got super sweaty and upset every time I tried to feed her.

So you definitely need a cool place to stay and a pool to cool yourself down in!

2. Tap Water is Not Clean and Food Poisoning is a Real Risk

Make sure to drink only bottled mineral water to avoid getting tummy bugs.  Also stick to bottle water when you want to wash your baby’s bottles, plates or dummy.

Because of the intense heat in summer, avoid eating food that could go off easily. In summer food poisoning is a regular occurrence. Don’t risk those yummy-looking chocolate mousse crepes in the summer weather.

3. Beirut Traffic is Insane

If you have a crazy motion sleeper baby like mine, then Beirut traffic will drive the whole family crazy. Traffic in Beirut is ridiculous and it is even more difficult to cope with when it is hot.  Unfortunately, to go anywhere in Lebanon, you need a car!

Top Tips for Travelling to Beirut with Kids

I am a big fan of Lebanon and I think it is really worth visiting. The people are amazing, the food is usually super delicious and there are so many unique places to see in the whole country.

  • The best time to visit is in September-October or April-May
  • Find accommodation with good facilities. It might even be better to stay in a less crowded city such as Byblos.
  • Rent a car with air conditioning
  • Be aware that the level of hygiene may not be hight
  • Don’t drink tap water
  • Try to avoid driving during peak hour
  • Travel outside of Beirut and discover some of the smaller towns and cities. 

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