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Writing a Blog, Where Do I Begin?

Writing a Blog, Where Do I Begin?

Why I Started a Blog

Have you ever thought about starting your own blog or website? I had dabbled a little with some of the free sites out there, but I never really gave it a proper go. That is, until now.

I decided to launch The Junior Jet Set when I started planning our family’s European adventure for later this year. I really wanted a way to document our travels, but I also wanted a blog that would appeal to a wider audience, not just family and friends.

My vision for The Junior Jet Set, is for the site to be a blog about my own family and our trips, as well as a comprehensive resource for families travelling with children aged 0-12 years old.

I was able to find all the information I needed to set up my own website and blog on the internet. Lots of googling and using other bloggers advice and experience is invaluable.

My First Steps to Becoming a Real Blogger

1 Naming the Site

My very first challenge was to decide on the name of my site. I filled a couple of pages brainstorming to come up with The Junior Jet Set! The name had to be short, sharp and described exactly what the site would be about. Plus, it had to be a name that was original and wasn’t already taken.

2 Choosing a Platform

For my platform, I decided to go with a hosted WordPress site from the get-go. I thought about using a free blogging website, but there are quite a few negatives going down this road, especially as I want to be able to keep growing my blog. One of the biggest drawbacks is that you don’t get your own personalised domain – for example, if I went with wordpress.com (not to be confused with wordpress.org, which is where this site is hosted), this website would be thejuniorjetset.wordpress.com. Looks messy and confusing right?

Also, did you know that any content you put on the free sites doesn’t actually belong to you? I had no idea that a free blogging site can be taken down anytime with no warning. That means all your content vanishes!

3 Hosting

So, I signed up with WordPress.org and then chose Siteground to host my site. For only AUD$60 I was able to get my chosen domain and site hosting with a couple of extras for a full 12 months. That’s excellent value! I went with Siteground as it is an officially recommended host through WordPress and it was the most budget friendly for me. You can check them out here to see if any of the plans suit your needs.

4 Selecting a Theme

The next thing I did was choose a theme for my site. Once you have a hosted WordPress account there are thousands of free themes to choose from. You can also get a professional web designer to do one for you if your budget allows. I went with a free theme, it’s actually one for food blogging and I love it! I may change to a custom designed site down the track but for the moment a free theme works well.

Finding Content

Now I am in the process of producing and finding content. It has been lots of fun looking through all of our photos from past trips with the kids and planning posts about different places we’ve visited and activities we have done. I am also contacting other bloggers, small businesses with products perfect for junior jet setters and asking families to submit their own recommendations, stories, experiences, tips and advice.

Can I Make Money from The Junior Jet Set?

I am also looking at ways to monetise my site. It would be fantastic if my blog could create some sort of income, even if it’s just enough to cover the hosting! I have signed up to a number of relevant affiliate programs – eBay, The Book DepositoryWotif Last Minute and Amazon. For each click and purchase, I earn a small percentage of the spend, just like a commission.

Plus I’ve listed my site with Nuffnang Australia which is a blog advertising community. Through Nuffnang, bloggers can generate an income through blog ads placed by various brands that align with the site. Pretty cool huh?

What’s Next?

I am only a few weeks into this blogging adventure but it is so much fun!  There are so many ideas running through my head all day and night!

I will continue to document my progress and what I learn to help other newbie bloggers out there.

Feel free to ask me any questions or pop your own blog link down the bottom.



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