Everything for the junior jetsetter


Hello and welcome to The Junior Jet Set!

I created this site as a resource for families with young travellers aged 0-12 years of age, the Junior Jet Set.

My Experiences as a Jet Setter

Travelling has been an central part of my life since I was born. My father was Austrian, from Graz, and my mother is Japanese, from Tokyo. I was born in Tokyo and grew up in Melbourne, Australia. As a small family unit of only three, we took trips to Europe and Japan almost every year to see relatives.  I was lucky enough to do an exchange program to a small town called Gevelsberg in Germany when I was 16 and then a three-month German language course in Munich at 19. A semester of my Honours year was spent at the University of Freiburg at 21 and then I worked in Tokyo for 18 months when I was 24.

I have been on Contiki bus tours through Europe and Scandinavia (a great way to see the world for travellers 18-25). I have worked for a company helping open new offices Vietnam. I have also been to Japan and Hawaii with my husband, before having kids.

Travelling as a Family

We have two handsome little men in our lives. A five year old and a three year old. We live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. Now we do all of our travelling with our children in tow. We believe in sharing travelling experiences with them and could never leave them behind!

I think they have been flying since they were only months old, so by now they are definitely seasoned junior jet setters! Apart from flying interstate, our older son has been to Japan three times and Fiji twice. Our younger son has been to Japan twice and Fiji once. We are now planning our next adventures.

Before we travel we always welcome new information, particularly recommendations on where to take our kids while we are in new places. I scour through websites and blogs and ask my friends for ideas. I notice that lots of my friends do too, so I thought why not have a go-to website for everything related to the young traveller?

Enjoy the The Junior Jet Set!

The purpose of this website is to blog about and document our own family’s world travels, as well as share information, recommendations, stories, experiences, tips, advice and new products from other families.

I am always looking for new content, so if you would like to contribute some content or have a product you think would be perfect to feature for The Junior Jet Set, please send me a message.

Happy travelling!